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Why Choose HBIA?


Program FeaturesThe programs include thorough instructions in both Western and Eastern modalities of therapeutic massage. The complete integration of Western and Eastern techniques provides a truly unique knowledge and experiences for students to serve their future clients.


Small Classes- Our students will get more attention from the instructors and we want to make each student succeed. This intimate atmosphere creates a wonderful leaning environment where strong friendship can be developed. 


Highly Qualified Faculty- Majority of our instructors and staff have Bachelor, Master or Ph.D. degrees.


Affordable Tuition -The school's tuition and fees are one of the lowest among Florida massage and beauty schools. You don't need to pay so much as over $10,000 to receive a top-quality career training.


Convenient Schedule - The school provides several class scheduling options to fit you busy schedules. You can freely choose your class time to avoid conflicts between your study and work or family time. Day time or Evening Classes are available for everyone enrolled. 


Pleasant environment - We work hard, but we can find time to have some fun as well. The quiet and pleasant atmosphere can surely improve your Find yourself in the Gallery. 


National Exam Passing Rate- You will be well prepared and very confident to pass the national required exams to apply your licenses.


Career PlacementEven though we cannot guarantee you to find a job, most students involved in our programs now have already been employed before their graduations.





"Comprehensive and efficient programs, low cost tuitions, as well as local community participation" 


"HBIA, you will benefit this education for your whole life!"


Enroll Now! Seats are limited! 

We have TWO massage programs!

Start your new career in massage therapy today.


Health and Beauty Institute of America is located in the City of Casselberry, in the Great Orlando metropolitan area.

We offer two programs in Massage Therapy, Massage Therapy and Advanced Massage Therapy.  Click below to learn more information.


Health and Beauty Institute of America (HBIA)  is licensed by both Florida Department of Education and Florida Board of Massage. Florida School License #: 4960


HBIA offers two program:


  •  Massage Therapist, 600 Hrs: Graduates are prepared with the knowledge and skills to practice as a progrssional massage therapist. This program meets and exceeds all the requirements for licensing in Florida and most other states.






  • Advanced Massage Therapist, 800 Hrs: Graduates are eqipped with more advanced massage therapy techniques, comprehensive knowledge, and practical experience. This program meets and exceeds all the requirments for licensing in more than 30 states. This is our feature program.





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