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Service and Rates


Great News! Student Clinic opened : 407-636-6361 ( English and Spanish)                       

Gift Card Available


Massage:Student Massage: $39/ 60 min                     


Organic Facial: $35/ 60 min


Nail:    Manicure: $10

           Gel Manicure: $20

           Pedicure: $20

           Manicure and Pedicure : $30


Wax:   Eyebrow Wax: $8

         Chin Wax: $5

         Lip Wax: $5

         Hand Wax: $12

         Arm Wax: $20

         Leg Wax: $40



Beauty Package: Menicure + Pedicure +60 min Organic Facial : $63

Ultimate Package : 60 min Massage +60 min Organic Facial : $70 

Elite Package: Menicure + Pedicure +60 min Massage +  60 min Organic Facial: $100

Swedish Massage/Deep Tissue
Reduce your stress and relax those tight muscles with this "feel-good" massage.

1 hour $39.00     


Oriental Foot Reflexology


The Reflexology techniques combine Oriental herbals foot bath, Reflexology mapping zones, Oriental energy meridians, and acupuncture points based on TCM, making Reflexology a complementary health approach to regulate Zang-Fu’s functions, and soothe Qi and blood in the channel.


1 hour $39.00                               



Sweetheart/Couples Massage  
Enjoy the closeness that only a Mother & Daughter or "Sweethearts" feel, as you both drift away, relax, and unwind. Let your muscles and tension melt while our therapists massage you in the same room.

1 hour $39.00 for each person 


Hot Stone Massage
Heated, smooth, flat stones are used in the massage strokes to warm and relax the muscles which allows the therapist to apply deeper pressure, if desired. The warmth of the hot stones improves circulation and calms the nervous system.

1 hour $39.00

Chronic Headache Massage
A researched and proven massage routine for acute and chronic tension and muscular headaches is incorporated into our one-hour Swedish massage.

1 hour $39.00

On-Site Event
We have the perfect gift for your hard working employees or favorite clients. We offer on-site chair massage events. We come to you and massage your stress away or give your workers a short, invigorating massage to push them past the finish line.

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