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Employment Opportunies at HBIA?



Position: Massage Therapy Instructor (Full time/Part time)

The Health and Beauty institute of America, a fast growing career school in Seminole Country, Florida, seeks enthusiastic instructors driven by the success of each student.




1. Effectively prepare and teach a content rich lecture in accordance with lesson plans and Syllabi.


2. Accurate, timely bookkeeping the student attendance and grades.


3. Create a community in the classroom that supports the personal growth and professional development of the student.


3. Provide feedback to support continuing curriculum development.


4. Use time outside the classroom to support students, especially those most in need.




1. Be a licensed massage therapist with 2 yrs experience.


2. Knowledge of different massage modalities: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, etc.


3. Able to communicate effectively with students, staff and faculties in a team environment. 


4. Professional in appearance and presentation.


Minimum experience required: Have been engaged in the practice of massage therapy for at least three years as a licensed massage therapist and have conducted a minimum of 500 hours of hands-on experience.

Please send your resume to HBIA via email at

News! We are hiring Cosmetology/Barber/Skin Care/Nails/Electrolysis/Makeup Instructor as well!  

For more information, please send your resume to

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