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Job Opportunities

Many job opportunities are made available to our students even before they have graduated. Spas, salons, medical clinics, doctors’ offices, and wellness centers have routinely make calls to HBIA, and plan to hire them after they graduated.


Even though we cannot guarantee you to find a job, most students involved in our programs now have already been employed before their graduations.






Health and Beauty Institute of America (HBIA)  is licensed by both Florida department of Education and Florida Board of Massage.


HBIA offers two program:


  •  Massage Therapist, 600 Hrs: Graduates are prepared with the knowledge and skills to practice as a progrssional massage therapist. This program meets and exceeds all the requirements for licensing in Florida and most other states.

  • Advanced Massage Therapist, 800 Hrs: Graduates are equipped with more advanced massage therapy techniques, comprehensive knowledge, and practical experience. This program meets and exceeds all the requirments for licensing in more than 30 states.


A student will have the knowledge and skills needed to pass  the Mblex Exam. Passing the national exam is required to obtain licensure in the state of Florida.



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